Thursday, October 27, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Young Man - Ideas of Distance

Grade: 82% (B-)

Chicago native Colin Caulfield, working under the alias of Young Man, somehow complicates the simplicity of his music… if that makes any sense at all. Guiding us through his newest album Ideas of Distance, Caulfield leads with quiet acoustic guitar plucking and riffs, and then mixes in unorthodox sounds to the background. Recorded entirely in his bedroom, the record has the grittiness and feel of Animal Collective’s early Campfire Songs. With lyrical effects leaning your mind to declare it neo-psychedelia, Ideas of Distance’s ability to grab your attention with it’s aura of calm and nothingness will also cause you to compare it to the likes of The Antlers and a toned down version of Bon Iver (the album). Or simply think of it as M83 with a guitar driven mindset. Running with eight songs over forty minutes, the record will certainly beckon you to give it listen after listen, leaving each session having no idea what to do next. 

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