Friday, October 28, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY: Cloud Nothings - "Should Have"

With the announcement of their newest LP Attack on Memory to be released on January 24th, we decided we would showcase a great track from Cloud Nothings' debut self-titled record.

With a quiet guitar opening into the driving bass-line, "Should Have," showcases Cloud Nothing's ability both instrumentally and lyrically. Guitar riffs rip through the song almost equivalent to Dylan Baldi's vocals. Ever affected, Baldi's lyrics tear at some of the core values of what seems like his own teenage relationship back home in Cleveland, Ohio. Both the power chords and slight high guitar soloing during the chorus will catch your attention alongside the well placed cymbal crashes. One of the longest songs on the album, it is seemingly over in a flash as it is pedal to the floor throughout up until the very last strum. 


Cloud Nothings' newest LP Attack on Memory comes out January 24th and you can see the preview video and tracklisting here

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