Friday, October 28, 2011

REVIEW: Lana Del Rey - "Video Games"

Grade: 86% (B+)

It's scary how big Rebecca Black blew up earlier this year. A couple thousand dollars from her parents to make a video and a typical pop song led to millions of views on YouTube and everyone knew her name. But she was, and still is, hated. Why is Lana Del Rey so hated? She has blown up as well, but without the parents money and company producing her video. She did it the "old fashioned way." Now she isn't Justin Vernon, but she might beckon some comparisons. 

"Video Games" is just a well orchestrated track. With the chiming bells smoothing into the harp and strings, the pulsing piano keys ride along the spine of the song evoking a back and forth feel backed by both her lyrics and subtle yet deep voice. Lizzy Grant's childish innocence when pronouncing, "bestest" and "big kiss" makes you somewhat feel for her. But what if it really is just a ploy to be the "next big thing?" Then the second verse comes, and this slow, downbeat song still has you nodding your head back and forth. More ambient sounds are added with a slow high plucking, a deep bass humming and a snare drum drawing you into the second chorus. 

We haven't even touched the lyrics. If you like COD don't be fooled by the first impression of anti-gaming. Lizzy sings with an idea in mind. She plays along with the boys, "whistling her name," she even likes it. Is she the bad girl she references? You might think she relishes that role, but she isn't. She simply wishes she were. Dealing with things in a back and forth role. That's how relationships work, back and forth. Go play your video games, just expect to give something in return. Go blow up on the internet Lana, but expect some harsh reactions. 


Lana Del Rey's single "Video Games" with the B-Side "Blue Jeans" is out now. Her debut album is due out early next year

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