Monday, November 14, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY: Phantogram - "Don't Move"

Don't be turned off by the title… You will do anything but stay still while listening to the top track off of the electro-pop duo's newest EP Nightlife. With it's drum machine rhythms led in by the female-voice sampling, Josh Carter's always smooth, always deceptively simple guitar riffing is introduced after a quick pop from the brass section. Let Sarah Barthel's voice carry you up to the chorus, where she slyly mocks the title singing, "keep your body still." While musically upbeat and groovy, the song's lyrics act as a personal psychiatrist, inspiring you to get over everything from your drinking problem to your inability to stop shaking in bed. This track is tasty, and I can just picture Sarah (first name basis obv) dancing at the keyboard in the drizzling rain on day two at Lollapalooza… Myself and everyone else there still finds her very attractive.  

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