Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY: St. Vincent - "Cruel"

St. Vincent's newest album Strange Mercy isn't exactly poppy. However, the song "Cruel," although it still maintains some of the darker/creepier aspects of the album, is probably the most lighthearted and enjoyable song on the record. For the best example of this, point yourself only to the catchy guitar riff that Annie Clark came up with for this tune. In addition, the song features a driving drum/bass beat that maintains a upward rhythm and contains strong background keyboard work to move alongside Clark's high vocals throughout the song. Finally, some percussion samplings compliment the riff in the bridge and chorus to help the song build upon it's giddy feel. The hook is enough to be held in the back of your head all day and you'll certainly be whistling the guitar riff in the near future. 

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