Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SONG OF THE DAY: Neon Indian - "Fallout"

It would be weird to think of this song as a road trip song, but to me thats what it is. More of a road trip with myself, but a road trip nonetheless. With it's revolving synth pulses cut through by other hazy chords and all covered up by the ambient noises in the background, this song simply reminds me of driving, looking straight ahead, at nothing but the road, lost in space. It comes off as nothing impressive for the first minute and fourty-five seconds, as Alan Palomo simply speaks into the microphone, with no particular lyrics picked out by your ear on the first listen through. Once the chorus comes, you feel the sorrow, in your lungs it seems, with every breath, then the bridge, and right back to the chorus, repeated, and fading into the distant horizon along the highway, straight ahead, with no where else to go.


Neon Indian's excellent album Era Extrana is in stores now.

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