Saturday, November 26, 2011

REVIEW: The Black Keys - "Run Right Back"

Grade: 82% (B-)

The Black Keys aren't going for the pop scene with their first two releases from their upcoming LP El Camino (out December 6th). While their 2010 release Brothers garnished large pop-success, the first release from El Camino, "Lonely Boy," is a straightforward punch you in the mouth track. Meanwhile, on the second release, "Run Right Back," Dan Auerbach layers guitars on top of each other while Patrick Carney maintains a steady rhythm with his rather simplistic drum beats. Auerbach covers basic chords with a high and childish lead riff that only he could get away with. However, he even adds on another, darker and more affected guitar riff which acts as the song's bassline of some sorts… Even though it already has one. The album's producer, Danger Mouse, does a great job of synching these four guitar sounds into one cohesive unit running through the song. The vocals are worked just as they are in any other Black Keys song and Auerbach continues to sing about his love life in a biker-bar kind of way. Carney takes a simple take on this track, although he does get a chance to break out when the song slows down about three-fourths of the way through. There is no giant hook to draw in the casual listener; rather, this song is enjoyed by someone with a keen ear for what the duo is trying to do with both their music and their attitude towards making it. 

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