Saturday, November 26, 2011

THE DAILY SPIN: My Morning Jacket - The Tennessee Fire

In less than a week, we here at Triple B will be seeing My Morning Jacket live in San Francisco. Therefore, we are celebrating appropriately by listening to each of their albums once through each day leading up to it. Released in 1999, the bands debut The Tennessee Fire garnered minimal acclaim in the US while is enjoyed success overseas in Europe. The album is ripe for the season of fall; it is both dark and light, sad and happy, depressing and joyful. A young Jim James sings of teenage heartbreak, the darkness of twilight and even his prospects of making it to hell. The excitement for the concert could not begin more perfectly than with this sixteen song record spinning in the gloomy, overcast days of Thanksgiving. Listen to this album while going through tough times, and although its darkness may seem to make things worse, the appropriateness of the lyrics only make things better and will always recall you back to those times when things were rough. 

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